Register for the Spring Cycle: April 21 - June 25, 2024

Share-the-Love: $319

This option is for those who want to share the love and pay a little extra to support the scholarship attendees. Click below to book, or pay in three installments.

Full Tuition: $279

This is the full tuition exchange for the time I am dedicating to this program. Click below to book, or pay in three installments.

Scholarship: $199

This option is available, as needed, for BIPOC, LGBTQIA+, differently abled folks, and/or folks experiencing serious financial hardship. Click below to book, or pay in three installments.

A Note on Pricing

I offer different price points (and payment options) to make my courses as accessible as possible.

These prices are offered on the honor system because I do not wish to require anyone to "prove" their financial situation. Once you have the reviewed the payment options below, you can simply click through to register at the rate that is right for you.

My only request is that you consciously reflect on your situation before you make your choice. Please bear in mind that doing this work is my livelihood. ✨