I channel words, ideas, and energy to create transformative change.

I host the Hurry Slowly podcast, teach online courses, and practice energy work through the Light Heart Project.

KILN: Fire for your creative ideas

My latest project is KILN, a community and a creative incubator where half-baked ideas become real. It's a warm, energizing space for conscious creative folks who are ready to commit to their ideas and their creativity in a new way. It's perfect for people who want to move the needle on a big project, find their way through a career transition, or connect to their creativity more deeply.

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I teach online courses about heart-centered productivity, intuitive connection, and tender discipline. Everything I share is based on years of lived experience trying out different ideas and practices to see what really works.


A cosmic tune-up for your workday.

RESET is an intensive 4-week course on "heart-focused productivity" that teaches you how to work in a way that is intentional, energizing, and inspiring.


Tune into the wisdom of the heart.

Hi-Fi is a 6-week course about sacred connection that invites you to come back into your body, access the wisdom of the heart, and turn up the volume on your intuition.


A radical new way to motivate yourself.

Tender Discipline is a 6-week journey into cultivating tenderness that radically reimagines the tools & ideas we use to get motivated and accomplish our goals.


Open up to your deepest gifts.

CHANNEL is about connecting to your creative life force in a new way — one that empowers you to tune into inspiration & creative flow with ease.


Since 2017, I have been sharing provocative ideas about productivity, creativity, and healing on my podcast Hurry Slowly. Through interviews and personal reflections, I explore how we can effect personal and collective transformation.

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Listen to a few of my favorite episodes:

I talk to writer and activist Mia Birdsong about why the ideals of the American Dream are keeping us lonely, isolated, and disconnected.

A deep conversation about healing, self-transformation, and how to unpack the neurotic stories we tell ourselves about who we are.

Activist adrienne maree brown on how we define pleasure, the wisdom of the body, and what it looks like when you have “enough.”

How acknowledging that transformation is slow and subtle — not dramatic and overnight — will help you be kinder to yourself.


I practice energy work with groups and individuals to help folks connect more deeply to their gifts and express them in ways that create positive change. My programs focus on coming back into the body, opening the heart, leaning into self-expression, and cultivating self-trust.