KILN is a creative incubator where half-baked ideas become real.

Led by Hurry Slowly host Jocelyn K. Glei, KILN is a catalyst, a container, and a community for conscious creative folks who want to reconnect with doing the work that matters most. Through alchemy coaching, co-creation sessions, and deep-dive retreat days, KILN will create a transformative space for you to nurture your creative spirit — whether that’s moving a big new project or idea forward, finding your way through an important life transition, or reconnecting to the essence of your purpose or creative practice.

🔥 Fire for your creative ideas.

I chose the name KILN for this community because it signifies both a catalyst and a sacred container. Imagine a piece of clay — soft and dull and gray — as it enters into the kiln to be transmuted by the fire that radiates within. When the piece emerges again, it is forever transformed: what was soft and malleable now has a firm clarity and grace; what was dull and gray now shines with a rich glaze of color; what was a nascent idea is now a fully formed work of art.

This is the transmutation I want to effect with KILN — and I will be right beside you on that journey as I draft a new book within our sacred container. The seed of this community arose out of my own desire to break out of isolation, create accountability for myself, and engage in my creative process with less agony and more ease. I don’t think that I am alone in wanting these things — in yearning to infuse my work with more joy, camaraderie, and support.

So I thought: Why not create this thing that we all need? That we are all yearning for, but that none of us can create alone? But for this to work, we need your spark. The spark of one individual alone is not enough to create the fire that transforms. We need a gathering, we need a collective, we need you!


The myth of the lone creative genius is just that — a myth.

KILN is about making a fundamental (and fun!) mindset shift: That you don’t have to do it alone anymore. That we can each be more creative, invigorated, and motivated when we gather around the fire as a community to transform our most cherished ideas from an inkling into a reality.

Living inside a culture that’s obsessed with individualism, we tend to think that creativity is something that can and should happen in a vacuum. That we should be able to propel our most sacred projects forward through the sheer act of will. And if we can’t, we beat ourselves up.

But the myth of the lone creative genius is just that — a myth. Humans are social animals, and we need creative allies to bring our ideas to fruition. We thrive when we have a place to show up, a community to be accountable to, and a collective journey that we are all going on together.

Why struggle alone when we can thrive together?

What does your heart long to accomplish?

KILN is a great fit for you if...

You have a specific creative project or business idea that you’ve been struggling to move forward because you can’t find the time or motivation you need. KILN will invite you into a space of “gentle accountability,” support you in regularly showing up for your creative practice, and help you build momentum.

You are transitioning between careers or on the cusp of a reinvention — excited about new frontiers but also scared of leaving the old ways behind. KILN will create a container for you to connect with fellow creative visionaries and build confidence and courage in your next steps.

You have specific creative blocks, challenges, or struggles that are weighing you down or causing you to get stuck. KILN will provide spaces where you can receive practical, tactical creative coaching from Jocelyn and feedback from the community to help you alchemize agony into ease.

You feel the distant call of an intuition, an idea, or a creative yearning deep within you that wants to be unearthed and understood. KILN will help you create space to tune into your deepest knowing and see what gifts and insights emerge.

You are tired of working alone or in isolation, and you feel like it’s time to explore a lighter, more collaborative way of working. KILN will introduce you to a community of highly conscious creative allies and create spaces for ideation and co-creation.

What you could use KILN to cultivate/incubate:

  • Moving a specific project over the finish line
  • Nourishing a new creative or business idea
  • Building a consistent creative practice
  • Finding clarity on a new calling or career
  • Connecting to a powerful community of creative allies
  • Finding more ease & flow in your creative process
  • Revitalizing your connection to intuition and spirit

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Jocelyn shares her vision for KILN

Are you ready to commit to your creativity?

The benefits of participating in KILN:

  • Reconnect with your creative flow & practice in community
  • Find accountability and encouragement to move your ideas forward
  • Cultivate a creative mindset that centers tenderness and play
  • Discover practical tools and perspectives that will fuel your creative work
  • Connect with like-minded creative allies who can provide feedback & support
  • Build a practice of regularly tending to the creative work that feeds you
  • Share your ideas and/or work-in-progress for reflection and appreciation

KILN: Structure & Flow

KILN will help you kindle your creative fire through weekly co-creation sessions that will invigorate and evolve your creative practice, twice monthly alchemy coaching to address (and transmute!) knotty creative challenges, and monthly deep-dive retreat days to sythesize and reflect on your work, as well as explore new creative perspectives and tools.

There will be two gatherings on offer each week, and co-creation sessions will be offered at different times of day. All of this is in service of allowing folks on different schedules to participate in a way that works for them.

You are invited to tailor the program to your schedule. You could come to every single gathering on offer, or you could pop in for one co-creation session per week, or you could just come to the monthly deep-dive retreats. It's all about what works for you.

*All gatherings will be happening on Zoom & will be recorded.  ▶️

KILN: Creative Gatherings

** All gatherings will be recorded & shared for replay. **

Intention Activation - (90 mins, 1 activation)

Jocelyn will guide you through a series of prompts and visualizations to tune into yourself, clarify your creative goals, and hone in on your intention for our time together — activating the spark that will illuminate the way forward.

Alchemy Coaching - (90 mins, 6 sessions)

Alchemy coaching is like a mastermind session with a magical twist! This is where we will gather as a community to transmute our creative agonies into ease.

In practical terms, these sessions are an opportunity for participants to share their creative challenges and receive "alchemy coaching" from Jocelyn, based on her 15 years of deep research, reflection & practice in the realms of productivity and creativity.

All guidance will focus on divesting from "toxic motivators"  — like guilt, shame, fear, and comparison — so that you can discover more generative ways of moving through your creative process with intentionality, tenderness, and joy.

If you can't make a session, you will have the opportunity to submit a question for coaching in advance.

Co-Creation Sessions - (120 mins, 12 sessions)

Co-creation sessions are an opportunity to show up for yourself and evolve your creative practice by experiencing what it's like to work in a warm, generative space that supports ease, playfulness, and flow.

Jocelyn will be calling on all of her experience as a teacher, a facilitator, and an energy worker to create and hold a space of rich creative possibility for the group.

Each session will unfold in four parts:

Part 1: Spark Tools
In a short, micro-talk to open the session, Jocelyn will share a "spark tool" — a creative tip, tool, or question — that will help you access your creativity with greater ease.

Part 2: Kindling Meditation
After a quick check-in about your intention, Jocelyn will lead a brief meditation to calm the mind and kindle your creative fire so you can drop right into flow.

Part 3: Co-Creation
After we're all fired up, we'll sink into "parallel play" for a 90-minute creative sprint together, harnessing the energy of the KILN to connect into your practice with depth, focus, compassion, and playfulness.

Part 4: Reflection
At the close of each session, we'll have an optional debrief where we check in about our progress, our challenges, and what we're noticing.

Deep Dive Retreat Days - (2 half-day gatherings)

Our Deep Dive Retreat Days will offer a chance to fully immerse yourself in creativity & community to gather energy, encouragement, and inspiration for your endeavors. There will be a variety of activities (for introverts and extroverts) to choose from, including:

Intention Check-In & Recalibration
Life happens and the creative process is unpredictable. We'll revisit our initial intentions with clear-eyed compassion, check in on how we're progressing, and update our intention and goals as needed.

Synthesis & Celebration
Designated co-creation time for you to sift through, review, synthesize, and celebrate all that you've accomplished so far in the program.

Show & Tell
Those who wish to can share their work to get feedback and encouragement from the community. All shares will happen in small breakouts of 5-6 ppl, with feedback focused on appreciation rather than critique.

Hive Mind
Community members will have the chance to toss out new ideas and/or ask questions related to the creative process, career building, marketing, transitions, and more to get feedback & inspiration from the collective.

Creative Toolbox
A curated selection of creative "demos" to showcase new tools that have the potential to revolutionize how we usher our ideas into the world. 

** All gatherings will be recorded & shared for replay. **

Accountability Allies (Optional)

Accountability allies are small groups of 3-5 folks who will meet regularly during KILN to share updates on their progress and offer each other support and encouragement. BIPOC, LGBTQIA+, and Chronic Pain/Long Covid affinity groups will be offered, assuming there is enough interest. Participation is purely optional, and offered for those who would like an extra layer of connection and accountability.

Community Space

KILN will be anchored by an online community, hosted on Circle, that will support dynamic conversations around creativity, accountability, and consciousness. You'll be able to start discussion threads and share comments; DM each other to connect 1-1 or in small groups; and access all of the program materials, video replays, and scheduling details, etc.

Registration for KILN is currently closed.

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KILN: Tenets & Agreements

KILN's mission is to generate a warm, energizing space for your creativity to unfold. To support this, the community will be organized around a few key tenets, designed to help us relate to our creativity in a new way:

1. Gentle accountability

We will set intentions, choose goals, and support each other in showing up for our creative practice in the knowledge that: We can’t control everything, life happens, and the creative process is — by its nature — unpredictable. Gentle accountability is about nurturing our commitment to creativity, not shaming ourselves when things don't go as expected.

2. Tender discipline

Cultivating a practice of “tender discipline” will be a central focus of KILN as we gather, meditate, and co-create together. Tender discipline invites us to soften our harsh internal dialogue — releasing our tendency to constantly critique and judge our process as it unfolds — so that we can relax into more ease and flow.

3. Fierce devotion

Like a mother bird watching over her hatchlings, we will commit to nurturing our nascent projects and engaging in the transformative process with fierce devotion. That means always having our own backs, never abandoning ourselves, and trusting in the inherent wisdom of the creative process — even when its messy.

4. Appreciation-based feedback

When we're in the early stages of cultivating an idea or engaging with our creativity in a new way, we are highly vulnerable to critique. Poorly considered feedback can cause us to freeze up or lose confidence. To avoid such setbacks as we venture boldly into new territory, all gatherings will focus on offering only appreciation-based feedback — allowing us to find our way forward by going towards the light.

5. Easy-come, easy-go attendance

All gatherings will be operated on an easy-come, easy go policy. If you need to skip a gathering, or a few, that’s totally fine. If you need to show up late, or leave early, that’s also totally fine. KILN isn’t about getting ahead or falling behind, it’s about finding a rhythm of showing up and engaging with your creativity in a way that supports you and your needs.

KILN: Schedule

KILN will unfold in three, seasonal cycles: Spring, Summer, and Fall.

Each cycle will be short — about 8 weeks — so that you can commit to your creativity without feeling over-committed.

Upcoming Cycles:

Summer Intensive: July 8 - August 23, 2024

Fall Cycle: September 15 - November 19, 2024

Note: The Summer Intensive has been cancelled due to extenuating circumstances. KILN will resume with the Fall Cycle in September. Sign up below to be notified when registration opens!

Share your email to find out when registration opens for upcoming cycles:

Hi, I’m Jocelyn, host of the Hurry Slowly podcast, the creator of KILN, and a facilitator of community and creative fire 🔥.

I've been studying how creative folks bring their ideas to fruition for the past 15 years. I’ve also been teaching courses and leading communities — including RESET, Hi-Fi, Tender Discipline, and Channel — since 2019.

In the process, I’ve had the honor of seeing thousands of students come through my programs, and I've learned so much about the art of gathering — about building trust, generating energy & motivation, and creating space for new ideas and ways of being to emerge.

As I look back, it feels like all of this work has been building towards KILN — towards understanding how to create a space of deep holding, intentionality, and transformation for conscious creative folks who want to make an impact in the world.

But I can’t create this transformative space alone! The way that we light this creative fire is by coming into community together. KILN cannot exist without you.

If you’re feeling called to join, it would be my honor to serve as your guide. ✨

p.s. If you want a more formal resumé, you can see my full bio here, all the books I’ve published here, and lots of cool stuff I’ve made here.

Praise from past communities & courses:

“Jocelyn's course entirely reframed how I approach my own creativity and others. It was a truly seismic shift — it opened me up in ways I hadn't anticipated.” —Robin D.

“This course helped me make space to launch a scary/exciting project I'd been ruminating on for three (!) years. It fostered a culture of allowing that made releasing the project feel natural, joyful, and abundant.” —Lucy B.

“I had been missing creativity in my life for quite some time. Jocelyn's course removed many blockers for me, and I started drawing again and enjoying it.” —Zahida H.

“This course came at the perfect time for me. The tools I gained have helped me create a new vision for myself. I’m excited and optimistic for the first time in years.” —Karoline S.

“Jocelyn’s courses talk to your brain and your soul, and you are guided to come up with the answers to what works for you. After taking this course, I am learning to trust myself to relinquish micromanaging my work, which ironically, is allowing it to be more productive as well as pleasurable.” —Lee B.

“I deeply appreciate what Jocelyn does and the space she creates for people to feel connection. Being in her presence on a weekly basis was a tonic.” —Britt S.

“Hand on heart, life is better after this course. I wouldn’t have thought an online experience could be so connecting and intimate and alive and fun.” Alice R.

“Jocelyn is a delightful and skilled guide.” —May Y.

Praise from coaching & energy sessions:

“During our session, Jocelyn offered thoughtful questions and helpful insights that truly created a space for transformation. She helped me knock down some limiting beliefs and barriers, then helped me gain clarity on how to move forward in a gentle yet firm way. I left our session feeling inspired and more energetically aligned than I have in a long time.” —Theresa W.

"I loved the work I did with Jocelyn in so many ways. I was navigating a tremendous amount of change and the work we did together allowed me to feel grounded, centered, and empowered. I felt like I was able to return to a wisdom and intuition that I knew was lying under the surface and was able to unlock a part of me that I did not have access to at the time." —Sara H.

If you’re still not sure if KILN is the right fit for you, and there’s something you need clarity on, respond to the video above or drop me an email at 🙌

Registration for KILN is currently closed.

To get notified when future cycles of KILN open, share your email below.

🔥 Fire for your creative ideas.