My energy work focuses on helping creative folks connect more deeply to their intuition, their self-expression, and their heart's purpose.

I craft energy experiences that will help you:

  • Activate and embody a new relationship to your power, confidence, and self-expression
  • Move into a deeper space of heart-centered awareness, inner knowing, and self-trust
  • Find new clarity about how to move forward with your life path or career

Client Testimonials

I loved the work I did with Jocelyn in so many ways. I was navigating a tremendous amount of change and the work we did together allowed me to feel grounded, centered, and empowered. I felt like I was able to return to a wisdom and intuition that I knew was lying under the surface and was able to unlock a part of me that I did not have access to at the time. She is an intuitive, thoughtful, and gentle guide for this work.

—Sara H.

I approached Jocelyn when I was sensing an energetic shift in my career and life but  was unsure how it would manifest. As our session began, I found myself grappling to clearly articulate my feelings. Jocelyn distilled the essence of what I was seeking and crafted a mantra that has been my companion ever since. Her words stoked the transformative energy within me, leading to a sustained clarity that resonated for weeks.

—Brock L.

I absolutely loved working with Jocelyn. For me, the most vital ingredient of doing meaningful work is feeling safe to go to unexplored areas. Jocelyn created a warm cocoon and took me on a really deep dive. Months later, the insights I gained are still informing and deepening my personal practice. I’m grateful to have her as a resource.

—Marjorie F.

Jocelyn, thank you for the tender, vital space you open. The lessons and reminders from the energy work we did are sinking slowly into me, and I've felt such a subtle, clear shift in myself.

My anxiety feels way, way down, I trust myself in my choices, and I've felt empowered to incorporate mistakes in my daily life in a way that feeds me and celebrates regular growth.

This felt like a full-body and full-spirit tune-up.

—Zoe F.

One-on-One Energy Work

About my practice

I am a certified reiki master/teacher in the Usui/Tibetan tradition. I trained in Brooklyn, NY with Kristin Reed, who studied with William Lee Rand and Hykuten Inamoto.

While my practice is rooted in the reiki tradition, my approach is a bit different than what you may have experienced in other energy healing sessions.

My approach to energy work is highly creative, collaborative, and empowering.

Because most sessions happen remotely over the phone, the way that we work with the energy is through my voice and your hands. I use words and visualizations, as well as prompts for where to place your hands, to guide us through a collaborative healing session that will rejuvenate and rebalance your energy and your spirit.

In this way, the practice of cultivating more self-trust and connection to your own inner knowing is built right into the structure of the session. Rather than having the energy work happen to you, you become an active participant in touching, understanding, and soothing your own energy system. In my experience, folks find this collaborative approach both empowering and transformative.

How the sessions unfold

Sessions begin with a deep practice of intention setting, where we discuss what energy you are wanting to invite in and refine a verbal intention that really captures the spirit of what you are seeking. It's a stronger focus than most energy sessions put on intention setting and can last anywhere from 15-30 mins. I often feel that the sessions could end right there because there is so much insight that arises simply from getting clear on one's intention!

From there, we move into the energetic portion of the session. Assuming we are doing a remote session over the phone, I will ask you to lie down in a comfortable position in your space at home. Then I will guide you into a deep, meditative state and we will move through a series of visualizations and hand placements as we go on a journey through your energy body, offering the warm tonic of compassion and tenderness to the parts that need it most.

This portion of the session is channeled in by tuning into your energy body — I will guide you through words, visuals, and hand positions as they arise. Some people imagine that remote energy work would be less potent than in-person work, but that is not my experience. I find that being in your own space creates more safety and comfort for you, the client, while participating in the healing process with your own hands and awareness is a powerful reminder of your natural ability to commune with, and soothe, your energy body.

After the energy portion comes to a close, we'll wrap up the session with a final debrief and integration, where you can share whatever feels comfortable for you about what came up during the session, and I will share notes on what I observed. This may include recommendations or tips for further integration following the session.

A final note about energy work

It's worth noting that while energy work can be quite powerful, it is not a quick fix. In order to transform ourselves, we are often required to let go of beliefs, habits, and energy patterns to which we are deeply attached. I can help you open the door to change, but only you can walk through it. So ask yourself: Are you ready and willing to heal?

Booking your session

If we haven't worked together before, please drop me an email to schedule a 10-min consult and see if we're a good fit before booking. : )

If you've participated in one of my past energy meditations, courses, or other offerings, please go ahead and book directly! ✨

The cost is $225 for a 90-minute session, which includes: collaborative intention setting & refinement, deep guided energy work, and a final debrief and integration. Payment is due at the time of booking.

* I reserve a handful of reiki sessions at $150, as needed, for LGBTQIA+, BIPOC, differently abled folks, and people dealing with Long Covid. If you would like to book one, please email me at hello *at*