My brand new course on leaning into deeper self-expression is open for early-bird registration through December 15th!


A sacred practice space for honoring your self-expression

Course Dates: January 3rd - February 6th, 2024

Finding Your Voice is a four-week journey into learning how to honor your self-expression on a deeper level. Through talks, integration sessions, guided meditations, and journaling work, we will explore how to:
  • Open up an expansive, resonant, supportive space for self-love & self-expression
  • Release old conditioning around not being "allowed" to speak or share your truth
  • Trust yourself to step into your voice and let your unique ideas & offerings flow freely



A cosmic tune-up for your workday.

I’ve studied creativity and productivity for over 10 years, and I’ve been through burnout and rebuilt myself in the wake of it. RESET distills down everything I’ve learned into a simple and intuitive toolkit that shows you how to pursue your goals with grace, align with the natural rhythms of your energy and attention, set boundaries and say no, and tune into inspiration and creativity on a daily basis.


Tune into the wisdom of the heart.

Hi-Fi is a 6-week course about sacred connection that invites you to come back into your body, access the wisdom of the heart, and turn up the volume on your intuition.


A radical new way to motivate yourself.

Tender Discipline is a 6-week journey into cultivating tenderness that radically reimagines the tools & ideas we use to get motivated and accomplish our goals.


Unleash the creative life force that flows within you.

Channel is an 8-week course, led by Jocelyn K. Glei, about connecting to your creative life force in a new way — one that empowers you to tune into inspiration, drop into flow, and manifest your creative vision with ease.