Tune into the wisdom of the heart.

Hi-Fi is a 6-week course created by Hurry Slowly host Jocelyn K. Glei that invites you to reconnect with your body, open your heart, and bring your intuition online.

What if your daily decisions could be guided by intuition rather than anxiety?

We live in a world that privileges the intellect and technology over all other things — to the detriment of our bodies. We have been taught that the only way to "know" things is through rational thought and so we dismiss the heart and the gut as valid sources of information. The knowledge of the head has been divorced from the wisdom of the heart. 

This disconnection from our bodies is only exacerbated by our relationship with technology. Glued to our phones, we opt into a daily drip of existential angst in the form of hectoring work emails, doomsday news stories, social media comparison, and serial killer podcasts. All of which only serves to heighten our anxiety and further alienate us from our intuition.

But it doesn't have to be this way. You can hang up the phone. You can tune in, and drop out. You can create new rituals for embodiment. You can cultivate a grounded connection to source and spirit. You can come back into alignment with your own deepest knowing. This is what Hi-Fi is all about: Learning how to tune into your own heart in high fidelity.

Hi-Fi is a community-focused course for spiritual seekers.

Reconnect to your higher self in community. With the turn of a new year, the time is ripe to reconnect to your gifts, your values, and your purpose in this world. But you don't need to do it alone. My goal with Hi-Fi is to bring together a vibrant community of open-hearted people who are dedicated to deepening their connection to themselves and their creative intuition.

An interactive 6-week journey into the heart space. From January 29th through March 11th, we will move through a series of inspiring talks, community integration sessions, and journal explorations that are designed to help you come back into your body, access the wisdom of the heart, and turn up the volume on your intuition. At the end of the program, you will have a new toolkit of sacred rituals and ideas — and a deeper sense of self.

Listen to Jocelyn talk about "anxiety vs intuition," the origins of Hi-Fi, and what the course offers...

Tune into this mini-podcast for an intimate conversation with Jocelyn as she gives a full overview of Hi-Fi, including:

  • Why peeling back the layers of anxiety that you've collected can help your tune into your intuition & connect to your highest self
  • How Hi-Fi guides you to explore four different levels of the self — mind, body, environment, and values — to free up your inner wisdom
  • An overview of the structure, design, and flow of the course and how we will gather

Hi-Fi is a 6-week course that invites you to reconnect with your body, your intuition, and your highest self through a series of live talks, integration sessions, journal exercises, and rituals.



Six live talks from Jocelyn form the core content. Each talk will be accompanied by a "tune-in ritual" and a journal prompt to assist with integrating the material.

Week 1: Contemplative Journaling

Engage in regular conversation with your highest self to deepen your consciousness and creativity.

Week 2: Embodied Ritual

Awaken your body with simple, sacred daily rituals to calm the mind and stay centered.

Week 3: Tender Discipline

Cultivate an internal dialogue and a "productivity mindset" that supports gentle flow.

Week 4: Body Talk

Open a daily dialog with your energetic body to soothe anxiety and increase self-awareness.

Week 5: Space as Sanctuary

Craft a workspace that provides sanctuary and support.

Week 6: Living in Integrity

Clarify your core values so that you can live & work in integrity.

* All talks will be recorded and made available for replay.

Tune-In Rituals

Each talk will be accompanied by an "tune-in ritual" that's designed to help you begin practicing and embodying the material presented.

Journal Prompts

Journaling will be an integral part of the course, and each talk will come with a related journal prompt to guide you deeper into self-awareness.


Weekly integration sessions, a vibrant discussion forum, and deep dive breakouts will offer support and engagement as you move through the course.

Integration Sessions

Once a week, I will host a 75-minute integration session with the community. Depending on what the group is needing, the gatherings will blend Q&A, interactive group exercises, and guided meditations.

Deep Dive Breakouts

Each integration session will be followed by an optional, 45-minute "deep dive breakout." This will be an opportunity for those who want to engage more deeply with other community members to share what's unfolding, swap ideas, and connect.

Community Forum

Participants will have free rein to share their work, pick each other's brains, offer encouragement, and get inspired in the online community space, where I'll be posting regular interactive prompts as well as sharing replays, journaling ideas, and rituals.

The Hi-Fi course is currently closed.

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Hi, I'm Jocelyn. Host of the Hurry Slowly podcast and creator of the Hi-Fi course.

Over the past 10 years, I've created one of the world’s top creative conferences, a bestselling book series, and a podcast with almost 3 million downloads. And yet none of those achievements have felt quite as fulfilling as I had anticipated.

In fact, I have never felt quite as good as I did way back when I was a tiny little human who wasn't really trying to accomplish anything. When I knew exactly how to answer the question: "Who are you without the doing?"

Over the past six years, I’ve gone on a journey to re-learn how to answer that question. One in which I worked with a variety of wonderful healers, went on extended retreat, moved out of the city, quit drinking, became a reiki practitioner, etc — all in service of peeling back the layers of anxiety and fear built up from years of overwork, creative misalignment, and self-criticism.

What lives underneath that anxiety is remarkable: A deep inner knowing and creative intuition that I hadn’t felt in years. Hi-Fi is a collection of field notes, practices, and ideas about how to reconnect with that magical place — the wisdom of the heart that is always with you.

Why I'm a trustworthy guide:

I have worked with over 2,000 folks in various communities and courses over the past four years. I originally offered Hi-Fi for the first time in the summer of 2020 when we were in deep lockdown. Here are some of the kind words folks have shared about the lasting impacts of the course:

“Hand on heart, life is better after this course. I wouldn’t have thought an online experience could be so connecting and intimate and alive and fun.”

—Alice R.—

“Hi-Fi sustained me during multiple national crises and I discovered I have the capacity to sit with discomfort and remain optimistic about humanity, community, and possibility.”

—Jesse C.—

“Hi-Fi was the most comprehensive and enjoyable self-examination I have ever done.”

—Vanessa V.—

“This course is absolutely life-changing. I deeply believe that if one continues to use these tools, life can be lived in a more meaningful way that gives us more inner freedom.”

—Kathrin T.—

“This is the best course I’ve ever taken. I feel the effects will be far-reaching and long-lasting. It has been transformational and helped me heal.”

—Cara L.—

“This course gave me the opportunity to see different ways that I can reclaim myself while still respecting my limitations. I feel like I have a new perspective on life.”

—Natalie L.—

“This course is a deep dive into how Jocelyn marries the spiritual with the technical to help participants build community, grace, and self-love.”

—Michele F.—

“This has been one of the best investments I have ever made in myself and has completely transformed how I'm approaching my life.”

—Karen E.—

What the course offers:

Over 6 weeks, I'll guide you through a series of talks, integration sessions, tune-in rituals, journal prompts & more.

→ Six 60-min talks

→ Six 75-min integration sessions

→ Six optional deep dive breakouts

→ Weekly tune-in rituals

→ Weekly journal prompts 

→ Community discussion board

→ Access to recordings & replays


The Hi-Fi course is currently closed.

To be notified when it opens again, please enter your email below. : )

Join me on a journey to reconnect with the wisdom of the heart.