Higher Love: Casting Spells of Worthiness

Higher Love is a new events series, hosted by Jocelyn K. Glei, about coming together in community to be in conversation with your highest self. Each gathering combines a talk, a guided energy meditation, and a brief closing reflection and integration period.

Title: The Power of Language: Casting Spells of Worthiness
Sunday, August 27th
 2:00-3:30pm EDT
$40 full tuition / $50 share-the-love / $25 scholarship *

* The recording can be purchased at the full tuition rate or at the scholarship rate, which I offer, as needed, for BIPOC, LGBTQIA+, differently abled folks, and/or folks experiencing serious financial hardship. If you feel you qualify, click here for the discounted purchase link.


Part I: The Talk

The Power of Language: Casting Spells of Worthiness

I will be sharing a talk about the incredible power of language — and particularly the way that we talk to ourselves and the way that we encourage others. The playwright Suzan Lori-Parks said in an interview I read recently: “Words are charms. Spelling is magic.”

It’s fascinating to consider that language — literally the words that we spell — is the first form of magic. And to then take that understanding and project it onto how we look at our inner dialog and the ways that we speak to others.

With the words and phrases that loop in our heads, we are casting spells every minute of every day. Tara Brach talks about the “trance of unworthiness” but I would go further and ask: What are the spells of unworthiness that we are casting and recasting everyday inside our minds, with our inner dialog?

I’ll be talking about the power of language to heal and to hinder. And how, once we acknowledge and own this power, and begin to choose our words with more consciousness, we can learn how to cast new spells. Spells of worthiness, spells of self-trust, spells of daring, and spells of tenderness & compassion.

Part II: Guided Energy Meditation

After the talk, we will move into a guided energy meditation. At this point, I will invite you to lie down in a comfortable position and prepare to go inward. By cultivating what I call “radiant attention” throughout the session, you will learn how to use your hands as a vehicle for compassionate, healing touch and heightened awareness of your subtle body.

Using the chakras as our touchstones, I will take you on a visualization journey that will guide you into a deeper exploration of your patterns of self-talk and how the language that you use affects both your mindset and your energy system. As we move through this process, you’ll develop a more nuanced awareness of your energy body as a channel for connecting to your highest self, and all of the wisdom that it holds.

Part III: Closing & Integration

After the guided energy meditation concludes, I will invite everyone to come back into presence together, and we’ll take a few minutes to quietly journal about whatever came up for you during the session. I will also create space for folks to briefly share what they experienced during the guided meditation if they feel called. Sharing will be completely optional and is not required. When everyone feels complete, we will wrap up the session & say farewell.


This event is for you if:

  • You want to cultivate more consciousness — and kindness! — around your inner dialog
  • You are interested in using the power of your words to encourage and lift others up
  • You want to reconnect to the mystery & magic of language and your powers of self-expression

Additionally, it’s worth saying that this gathering is for folks who are comfortable with the idea of connecting to, and exploring, their energy body, and who are open to shifting the thought patterns and stories that are no longer serving you.